About me

Thank you for coming here. Let me introduce myself to you in three words. I am humble, thrust full and committed. I have been doing photography for more than 10 years and I am simply in love with wedding and fashion photography. Retro style is something that I like to see and do during photo session, as well as the natural light, but its not crucial if you don’t want it. I always behave like I know you for 20 years, just to make you feel more comfortable and relax. I love being spontaneous and I love making people smile. I am a big fan of traditions, religious customs, especially if it is something new to me. They remind me of songs of our great Djordje Balasevic and Bob Marley, whose music has soul. Guitar is my favorite instrument, even though I never learnt how to play it.

 I am a huge gourmet, but sometimes I feel that my eyes are hungry more than my stomach. Maybe if you feed me enough Ill work for free.😄 So let’s sit down day and have a coffee so that you can tell me all about yourself and your love. Because your love is that sparkle that gets my imagination working and that’s when I give my 100% to please you with my work. Give me an hour and I will give you a day or two to tell your story the way I know best. I am a peoples persona, especially people who are positive and people who laugh. That positive vibe is something I will decorate my photos with, but at the end of the day it all depends on you.

Who am I

Hi! My name is Adnan but everybody calls me Doa. I’m a wedding photographer from Montenegro, Bar. Take a look at my work feel free to ask me anything, I don’t bite, I just shoot people.😄


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